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Six benefits of a peer group

It’s easy to feel alone as a business owner. You have to deal with unique pressures and wear a happy face even when things are down. And despite having support from friends and family, there are just some things that only a fellow business leader will understand. This is what a peer group is for.

No matter your background or type of business you’re running, any business leader or entrepreneur can come together in a peer group and feel on common ground. By sharing stories, resources and experience in a confidential environment, a peer group member can release their burdens and have the discerning ear of other members.

Here are six benefits of belonging to a peer group:


Whether it’s through the workbooks discussed at Evolve’s peer groups, or the shared knowledge of other peers, you’ll be privy to collective years of experience. Taking insight from others successes (and failures) will only help you grow.

Freedom to share ideas

Maybe you have a new project in mind, or you’re thinking about a new growth strategy but haven’t got anyone to consult with. Sharing your ideas in an open and unbiased environment helps to see them for what they are, and give them strength and focus.

Professional and emotional support

It’s when your business goes through a rough period that your qualities as a leader really come to the fore. This is when you’re expected to take responsibility and maintain a positive front in spite of the fear and the strain. Sharing your issues with other who have been there will not only give you perspective, it might give you a solution to whatever problem you’re facing.

A group of four people sitting at a table with notepads and pens, talking.
Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash


Having ideas and goals for your business is one thing, but regular meetings with like-minded people means you will be held accountable for them. No more procrastination means better growth, both for you and your business.


You must know a lot to have got this far. However, you might encounter a snag, or find yourself stagnating, with no idea how to advance. Learning from more experienced peers can help get you out of this rut.

Better mental and physical health

This is particularly applicable to Evolve’s peer groups, where much of the focus is about achieving that ever-elusive work/life balance. Through our focused workbooks on resilience, stress management and nutrition, you’ll be given the tools to enhance your personal wellbeing, which in turn will make you a stronger leader.

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