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About us

Evolve supports business leaders on their journey, providing them and their business with tangible results.


Our Story

Since its official launch in early 2019, Evolve has created a thriving community and become a trusted partner and ally in guiding business leaders and entrepreneurs on their personal and business journeys.

We support our community of business leaders with monthly peer groups, coaching sessions and team training, as well as providing a co-working hub, regular events, webinars, insights, articles and a weekly podcast.

This is Warren Munson smiling

Warren Munson

Founder of Evolve

During his journey starting and growing award-winning international accountancy firm, Inspire, Warren found great value in meeting with and receiving support from like-minded business leaders to share the joys and challenges of running a business. This inspired him to create opportunities for business leaders to connect and learn from each other, and ultimately led him to write his book ‘Evolve to Succeed – The Entrepreneur’s Journey’ and launch Evolve.

Our Values & Definition of Success

As a business and a team, Evolve strives to be empathetic, approachable, energetic, purposeful and future-focused.

We know that the definition of success is different for everyone. Evolve’s approach is to understand what success means to you so we can help you work towards it. We also believe that success needs to be balanced between your personal and business life.



The journey of a start-up is rarely straightforward. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to lose your way, and for your business to follow. This book will help you stay on track as your company scales and grows or can guide you back on to your true path if you’ve lost your way.

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Our community of entrepreneurs and business leaders want to learn from, and be inspired by, leaders in their field. We would like you to become a contributor to our online content.

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We’re looking for inspirational speakers to deliver dynamic and thought-provoking talks on the topics that matter most to our community of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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