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Business leaders gather for insightful lunch

paul spiers

On 5 May, Evolve brought entrepreneurs and business leaders together at Bournemouth’s beautiful Marsham Court Hotel for its fourth Leaders Lunch. The aim of these events is to gather like-minded people together for a day of conversation and networking, as well as insight in the form of the keynote speech.

As usual, the Leaders Lunch was a sellout, with more than eighty guests from a variety of sectors in attendance. Following a three-course meal, Paul Spiers of The New P&L Brand Purpose Institute and host of The New P&L – Principles & Leadership in Business podcast, delivered a compelling speech entitled, ‘Why we need audacious and resilient leadership more than ever.’

Paul outlined his four foundations of audacious and resilient leadership:

  • Self aware leaders
  • An eco system to implement audacious and resilient leadership
  • Principled purpose
  • Powerful legacy

“Leadership to me is like the oxygen for a business—it allows the business to breathe and survive and thrive,” Paul said. “We have to be able to work as leader to recognise our own insecurities, our own humility, the impact of our words upon others.”

paul spiers and warren munson
Paul Spiers and Warren Munson

Paul then spoke about the importance of self-awareness as a leader: “We need to be self-aware because we need to recognise in business what our qualities are, what our shortcomings are and what our characteristics are. And we need to work with someone outside the business to understand whether we are leading or just managing, guiding or just directing, inspiring or just ego tripping, motivating or demanding, empathetic or whether our empathy is contrived, and whether we’re having dialogues or monologues.”

Evolve founder Warren Munson said, “Evolve’s Leaders Lunches are fast gaining a reputation as a must-attend event, and we’re delighted again by the turnout. Few things excite me more than feeling and seeing that entrepreneurial spirit at play in a room full of ambitious individuals. As well as Paul’s superb speech, there were so many important discussions and exchanging of views going on at the tables. These lunches are there to engender a sense of trust, openness and collaboration in the business community, and once again I think we achieved that.”

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