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Business Growth Groups in Surrey Heath

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Growth Groups with Evolve

Evolve is delighted to have the opportunity to partner with eight businesses of high growth potential through the Growth Group initiative, funded by Surrey Heath Borough Council.

It includes three group sessions, which explore strategic growth, funding for growth, leadership for growth, internationalisation and so much more. The programme starts in January 2022 and runs to March 2023, with 9 hours of contact time. It’s about exploring and reaching your potential.

+ Develop leadership skills across strategic planning, finance, and growth

+ Access specialist business coaching

+ Enhance business performance and productivity

+ Reflect with like-minded business leaders facing similar challenges

Who are Growth Groups for?

Ambitious leaders in a senior role

Businesses in Surrey Heath Borough Council

Employing between 2 and 249 employees

What will I learn?

 The programme starts in January 2023 and finishes in March 2023, delivered over 9 hours which equates to 3 hours per month. It is hosted in-person at Login Business Lounge, Camberley.

There is no charge to participating businesses, the programme is being funded by the Surrey Heath Borough Council as part of their plans to create economic growth.




Evolve Team

Evolve is a coaching and development company that specialises in helping business find focus and create future strategies.  Our mission is to guide entrepreneurs and business leaders on their journeys and provide them with the tools to succeed in both their professional and personal life.

Our team, headed by Warren Munson provides strong facilitation and advisory backgrounds gained through practical experience and involvement leading their own businesses and supporting others.  Warren is the founder of the multi award-winning tax and business advisory firm, Inspire, and host the of ‘Evolve to Succeed Podcast’.  A forward-thinking, innovative, and sometimes disruptive industry leader, Warren’s own personal journey, together with his deep industry knowledge and experience working with an array of entrepreneurs and business leaders, gives him a unique insight into what it takes to succeed – both personally and professionally.

Evolve bring insight and empathy, asking important questions and helping leaders to reflect on their past and future plans.  

In recent years, Evolve has supported hundreds of small and medium sized businesses across the south, assisting them with strategic planning and building resilience to manage the unique challenges of the economic landscape.   

Warren Munson, founder of Evolve smiling


James Walker

“Thank you Evolve for your support over the past months, these have really helped me along my journey and given me inspiration, support and confidence.

Without this support, my planning would have been far more lonely and certain mountains that I had to climb were made much easier just by sharing and listening to others within the group who have been through similar challenges.  It really helped me reflect.”



Jack Barnden

“The expert coaching and guidance Evolve offer is invaluable. When you view business and strategy with perspective you can have thoughts, ideas to make decisions that will impact your business in a positive way.

My 1:1 sessions with the Evolve workbooks, consistently make you set time aside for yourself, your business and as a result you approach work and life in a more balanced, positive, strategic and goal orientated manner.”



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